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Humanoid Shadows - Bright and Clear Delay Pedal

Humanoid Shadows - Bright and Clear Delay Pedal

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Introducing the SHADOWS Delay, the latest addition to the Humanoid Pedals collection. This delay unit is designed to work well with distorted tone, as this is the most critical application, where delays often fail. There is extra headroom so you can use the pedal before or after distortion.

The Shadows will work exceptionally well on clean sounds where requirements are less stringent, especially in terms of echo bandwidth and repeat formation. Its tone has been carefully tuned for extra brightness and clarity with a lot of attention to the first critical reflection and how the repeats decay.

Capable of up to 700ms delay time with a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with the analog direct signal path. The Shadows Delay has about the same bandwidth as the classic tape echo units, and it can be used in front of an amplifier or in amplifier effects loops. There are no noise reduction circuits, which keeps decay of echo as natural as possible. The direct signal path is short and made with analog amplifiers with no filtering. There should be no distortion or tone coloration as long as input level is in the range below maximum allowed. The echo signal has a tuned filtering to allow extreme settings without interference.

This PT2399-based delay pedal is externally controlled by the three knobs labelled Delay, Mix, and Repeat. Inside the enclosure, the circuit has a trim pot for setting the upper limit of Repeats for up to infinite repeats, if desired. The pedal uses a soft-touch footswitch and relay true-bypass switching.

Runs on 9v standard (boss style) power. Battery clip or power supply is not included. An isolated power supply is recommended.


  • 9V DC rated
  • Delay, Mix level and repeat controls
  • Internal repeats trim pot adjuster
  • Convenient top mounted jacks
  • Red status LED indicator
  • Soft click relay foot actuator

Handmade in North Carolina


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122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm

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